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Build It Beyond Coaching Services

"Build It Beyond"
Personal Day Retreat & LifeStyle Coaching

Coaching in Comfort creates a refreshing experience for the day or the weekend.

RefresHer offers you time to breathe! inhaling joy and releasing joyfulness...

Imagine coaching that is focused upon what's important "now" and having someone committed to supporting you as you determine your next steps, how to walk from here! Then see yourself taking a break in the tranquil experience of a micro hydra facial, makeup and any other service necessary that leaves you "totally refreshed".


Of course we are able to customize the time just for you.

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"Build It Beyond"
Coaching Retreat (Small Group)

Bring a few friends " grow together" creating for each individual a special plan of action that caters to individual growth and development.


Include specialized therapeutic services for skin and body, then relax, chat among yourselves, exchange a few ideas.


We'll make sure that you have the time to "Quiet" yourself ….intentionally.


Return to the group and share how you decided to walk from here and experience the freedom of asking for the support you know that you will need to succeed. 


Let's plan time for you and your trusted friends.


The Esther Experience "Exclusive"

Over the years you come to realize that everything that is taking place in your life is a 1...why am I here? what do I need to do to realize my dreams come true? How do I walk from here with clarity and determination? Is there more? The answer is YES, there is more. However, to realize something different you must do something different. The Esther Experience may not be for everyone, but it is for you. Why? because you already know that there is no one in your immediate circle that has the time to dedicate themselves to the intrinsic critical conversations you need to have with 'yourself".

If you are prepared to take the next 3 to 6 or 12 months to "reboot" and discipline yourself to :

  • 3 months: Straighten your Crown

  • 6 months: Straighten and Polish your Crown

  • 12 months: Remove and  Restore your Royalty


Then the "Esther Experience is for you.


It is more than an appointment for coaching..

Its an Experience in defining and clarifying your vision, values and voice.

Total immersion...where new decisions for a new beginning takes place...where light illuminates the dark. Its time for change.  Energizing moments that challenge you to become intentional about who YOU are and why.


More than a makeover The Esther Experience is preparation, adjustment and refinement.


Your experience with you will include rejuvenating de-aging facial and body treatments, time with a fashion stylist, hair and nails ….delightful choices of food and drink that compliments your palate but defines your lifestyle.   Its transformation customized for you...Spirit, Soul and Body. 

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