Leadership Training & Coaching

Designed for Business, Ministries, and NPOs (Workshop)

  • IBH Vision Keeper Leadership Training 

  • Leaders Building for Synergistic Service and Spherical Change



  • Creating a Cooperative Environment for Individual & Corporate Growth


Individual Leadership Coaching


Strength Alignment Coaching

  • Individual Leader

  • Small Group of Leaders

Leaders Training for Synergistic Service


When we understand the value of our value it translates into service of excellence  without reservation, chaos and competition but rather healthy innovative collaboration.


This training is specifically focused upon the development of skills that will enlist the commitment and skillful self-leadership of the individuals who are identified as leaders within your organization or group.   

The sessions will be highly interactive to ensure that all mediums of learning and proficiency are utilized.  The participants will be confident that they have a service model to follow that mirrors the agreed upon vision and leadership standard.


All will be required to participate and communicate for clarity of understanding and comprehension.